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Heat stress in livestock during the hot and humid spring and summer months can cause numerous adverse effects. Discomfort, decreased performance, and death are all possible outcomes of prolonged UV exposure in animals.  Research shows that there are numerous ways to minimize heat stress including water availability, sprinklers, fly control, air movement, and heat ration changes.  The most effective heat stress management strategy in livestock is shade.

Midwest Netpro offers an innovative, flexible, and cost effective protective shade canopy

system as a solution for managing heat stress in your operation.


Netpro's cost 

effective approach 

to heat stress 

management offers more feet of protection per head for less cash than more traditional management strategies.

The summer heat can be brutal.  The weather variables that contribute to heat stress in livestock can be easier to manage with a protective canopy system like Netpro that reduces UV radiation at the surface and allows air and moisture to flow through the shade material. In the winter months, it's retractable.

We know that one size does not fit all. So our shade structure is specifically designed for your operation. Same construction concept with flexible implementation.

Your shade, your way.

Ultra Violet Radiation isn't the only factor that contributes to livestock heat stress but it's the most significant. Reducing the amount of radiation that reaches the ground can noticeably reduce the surface temp giving much needed relief to your livestock when the air temperature soars.

The canopy material consists of a loosely interwoven, multi-fiber, HDPE plastic netting material that provides protection from the sun's harmful UV rays while allowing even moisture distribution. 

The innovative design of Netpro's canopy system gives it the ability to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, including the extremes. You don't have to worry about your shades blowing around with the wind. The pen spanning, cable anchored system will stay right where

you left it.

Built to last, Netpro's canopy

material is given a 10 Year UV Pro-Rata Warranty. Meaning it's guaranteed to stand up to the sun's harmful rays for at least a decade or we'll prorate a refund.

Pen maintenance is made easy with a grid-like canopy structure that spans the entire length of the pen. With no inter-pen poles or anchors and a high clearance, getting equipment in to keep your animals dry and comfortable is no problem.  When the snow flies, they can be retracted and secured.

"Protecting Your Future"

Midwest NetPro LLC is a distributor

for NetPro Pty Ltd

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